Technical information
Model Nominal power (Watt) Angle (°) Color temperature (К) Luminous flux (lm) Voltage range (V) Size
20 7° 15° 60° 3000K /4000K /5000K 1600 AC220 260x240x150
30 7° 15° 60° 3000K /4000K /5000K 2400 AC220 260x240x150
Additional information
    Facades luminaries
    The body of light is extrusion molded, and the surface adopts high corrosion resistance spraying treatment to ensure the high weatherability and corrosion resistance outdoor.
    Double waterproof structure lengthens the service life of the product and reduce the maintenance times during use.
    Rich secondary optical design and the anti-glare internal and external fittings meet a variety of application requirements.
    Ingress protection rating is 65.