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Komsomol Park, Serpukhov
The project provides for cost and energy-efficient electrical equipment.
Lighting of pedestrian footpaths and landscape illumination of the park uses LED-lights designed for continuous operation for at least 50,000 hours with practically unchangeable main characteristics (luminous flux and luminous intensity). The applied light sources have excellent waterproofing characteristics, mechanical strength and vibration resistance, are environmentally friendly and do not require any special conditions for maintenance and disposal.
75 lighting devices of landscape and 252 street lighting devices have been installed within the project.
For soft and romantic illumination of alleys, a new, elegant and unique park luminaire has been specially designed: graceful support with a ball of smoky color, which provides a uniform illumination of the area. The lamp gives a comfortable, uniform and warm light (light temperature is 2,700K). The sense of security, coziness and peace is provided by unobtrusive uniform illumination with soft shadows, which makes it possible to clearly see the faces of passers-by.
In order to illuminate children's playground, small architectural forms "Park of Dinosaurs", the sport ground and the green area of the park, RGB floodlights controlled by DMX protocol have been installed as well. Spotlights are mainly directed to light the trees and bushes. Landscape lighting accentuates the volume of tree crowns. Small architectural forms (figures of dinosaurs) are also within the area illuminated by spotlights, but since the light is not directed to the figures, the dinosaurs look natural, and the spectator has a sense of magic and mystery. The light scheme, which includes five scenes, provides change of colors in the automatic mode, a game of contrasts and shadows.
The project involves a DMX control system. Light schemes can be modified and adjusted directly on the site or remotely via a mobile phone.
Location The Moscow region, Serpukhov Customer Administration of the Serpukhov City District Year 2017 Project Stage Completed